17 fevereiro 2012

É disto que eu encontro quando "limpo" o pc...

"Once upon a time...No! Not this time! I won´t recriate again an unreal story, only to fil with hope those wretched mortals who live by nothing, and by nothing anguish to live. Probably they´re just waiting for another peace of hope, to keep on their way. A randomly drawn trail, but, for sure, not drawn by their minds and hearts. Those... Those who live from others... Those who are like I once was. Wandering around my own vague thoughts of the past, I found a lost figure. I don´t know who he is, but I know I´ve been like him. And again, I return to my mind. Why pretending?! I won´t hide anymore from my minds´ ghosts, nor deliver myself, only to get me lost. It seems that, like a book, the fantasy hunkers down and pretends to stay. My mind settles, and my body hugs the irreality as if it was it´s own.

Later on, the night makes itself heard, makes me feeling it, like always. The sky, tinted with black, and the stars, ashamed by the moon´s bright, create together another Spring night sky. But why does the moon matter, if I no longer can hear it? What are the stars for, if I they no longer answer my appeals?

Pencil... I´m tired of you! You don´t write what I think anymore... You don´t stream words like you used to. And what beautiful words, you wrote. You became disobedient, but I understand you... I cannot express my mind, and so, you cannot write what I heartily imagine.

It seems I´m getting fed of my own source of life... As I keep writing these words, the pain fades away, and it must be that away.

Once upon a time..."

Não faço ideia de quem escreveu isto. Mas que está lindo, isso está. 

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