08 janeiro 2013

Encontrei isto enquanto vagueava pelo tumblr:

"There’s something about getting a new book.
It doesn’t matter if you have ten or twenty books waiting to be read back at home, if you see a bookstore you go inside, and it’s impossible to leave without a new book in your hand.
The hours you spend looking through all the shelves, smiling when you see a title that reminds you of something, or a book you read so many years ago. And that tiny sting in your heart when that happens.
And then you find that book you wanted to read in years, you feel yourself explode with glee. But a few shelves down you find another one that someone somewhere told you to read. And beside it is that book that you read about on the internet that filled you with curiosity. The struggle begins. 
Bear in mind that I originally said book and not books, because having to choose which book to buy is almost like deciding which is your favourite son so that you can leave the other at the store while saying to him ‘I will be back, one day…’.
But you finally decide, slightly heartbroken. You pay for it, leave the store and it’s night and you didn’t realize that the entire day is gone. But you still think with a smile in your face, book clutched against your chest:
‘This was a good day’."

É isto. É isto mesmo.
Onde há livros, eu sou feliz. :)

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